Monday, May 7, 2012

Light of Lakshmi

I have several of these candle jars which come in a range of beautiful colors and wonderful fragrances. They sit on the mantlepiece above the fireplace in my living room and complement the decor of the room. But the jars themselves are pretty bland on the outside.

I have been toying with a few ideas when I happen to see this beautiful Lakshmi label on the Graphics Fairy. I immediately knew where it belonged. It was like godsend--Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth illuminating the world. I sized and printed several copies on a tracing paper (for instructions on printing on tracing paper, click here)  and glued them around the jar. I also printed several copies of a jasmine perfume label also from the Graphics Fairy and affixed them above the Laksmi pictures. They fit perfectly and the overall effect is divine!

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  1. Lovely! I printed another God's pic on tissue paper and wanted to apply it on candles. Somehow the thought of the God's pic potentially being touched by the candle flame didn't appeal to me. You just gave me the perfect idea to do it on glass jar instead! Thanks!


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