Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sari Art: Birds of Same Feather

When I first started selling my art a few years ago, I used to do a series of mixed-media artwork which I called "Sari Art". Using watercolors and actual sari pieces I tried to capture the complex colors and textures of Indian saris on paper. It was really fun to do  and interestingly enough there was a market for it.  After a while, I moved on to other things.

For this week's Summer of Colors challenge (Purple, Purple, Yellow), I dug out an unfinished sari art. The main section was already painted in purple color along with the purple border which came from an actual sari.  Last night,  I added a couple of paper birds, colored them yellow and added the phrase "birds of same weather" also in yellow.  I like the effect of purple and yellow together.

You will find examples of other sari art pieces on this blog here.

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