Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Painted Rocks

I had been working to solve a software problem since last night. By mid morning, though the problem was solved, I had an odd feeling of the day not being very productive. So, I decided to complete the Diva Challenge. This being the first week of the month, it is "use my tangle" challenge and this week's UMT is Tri-Bee by Beate Winkler, CZT.  The ease of repetition inspired me and I created it on a small stone. I used a gel pen and acrylic paints for the patterns. The other little stones were a joint painting project with my daughter when she was visiting me a couple of weeks ago.

In other news, I posted a photo of this winterberry bush in my backyard on Facebook. I don't think Facebook had anything to do with it, but the next morning hundreds of starlings landed on my backyard. Their arrival quite worried the resident birds who circled them and stood guard by the bush the whole day even though it was a very chilly rainy day. I managed to capture the backyard drama from the kitchen window with my Nikon D5000.

It was quite interesting to watch.

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