I have a career in higher education, a job I love. I work with lots of numbers which is fun most of the time. Away from my job, I am an artist, crafter, bookbinder, photographer and a writer. 

I paint in various mediums, most favorite of which is watercolor. I love to create handmade journals and to draw on wood using pyrographic tools. I use my studio window as a blind to photograph the birds that visit my backyard birdbaths. Wherever I go, I carry my Nikon D7000 and take countless photos some of which come out quiet well. I enjoy cooking sometimes but enjoy taking photos of the dishes I prepare all the time.

I love reading, fiction and non-fiction and I write blogs about books I have read with cover illustration. I have also published art and craft articles in prestigious mixed-media publications such as Cloth Paper Scissors.

 My learning of all the arts and crafts is informal.

I left India a long time ago but India has not left me yet. My artistic creations are inspired by Indian aesthetics, especially that of Tamil culture. I use the colors, materials that were part of my life growing up in India and which have informed and shaped my own idea of beauty in my artistic creations.

I run an  online store where I sell arts and crafts designed and handmade by me. I donate the proceeds from the sales of my arts and crafts to support handicapped children and adults at Sukriti Social Foundation

You can reach me at:

e-mail: dharmakarmaarts@gmail.com

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