Monday, August 22, 2016

Art on a Book Page and a Tangle

Do-Something-Everyday, August 22, 2014

For this round, Try it on Tuesday invites its participants to create an art using Book Pages. I painted this hoopoe on an old torn book page. I prepped the paper by applying a light layer of absorbent ground and then painted the bird using watercolors. 

Also linked to Paint Party Friday. Thanks to Kristen and Eve for hosting.

The one below is my response to this week's challenge at I am the Diva which was to use the tangle ING. This tile came about quite accidentally. I was de-cluttering the kitchen cabinets when I came upon full box of unused coffee filters. These filters were in brown color and I was reluctant to throw them out. While taking a break from cleaning, I sat by the dining table and created this tile. I used a black gel pen and pencil.

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Summer and Green: Going, Going....

Do-Something-Everyday, August 21, 2016

Yesterday, I took a walk along the Passaic River Trail before the big thunderstorm hit the area. Everything was summery green. Summer and green go together. Like love and marriage.

The river glistened in the afternoon sunlight.

 Though it was hot and humid, there were glimpses of the cooler season approaching.

Seasons come and go. Sometimes, they seem long and sometimes they are short. Our internal clocks too shift gears in anticipation, especially if your work cycles is tied to seasonal cycles. For me, working in higher education, fall is when new students come and classes start. Even when I am doing the same things I did the previous fall, it is still a season of new beginnings.

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