Thursday, March 31, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: A Peek into My Studio

Do-Something-Everyday: Week 2, day2

The new shelves from Pier1 arrived today giving me much needed storage space. Last summer we converted the breezeway into a studio space. It got new windows, new flooring and a dry wall. It is a three-season space; as it does not have heater it cannot be used in winter. Rest of the year it is cool and cozy.

Desk with the inspiration board.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Soft Alphabet Book

Do-Something-Everyday: Week 2, Day 1

Something I made using John Butler's pre-designed fabric that also came with instructions. The illustrations are pretty good and finished book was the right size and softness for a 3-year old child.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Coloring Pages

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 7

A while ago, I indulged in my own adult coloring exercises with Johanna Basford's Secret Garden. Here are some the finished pages:

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Woodburned Yoga Verse Art Bangles

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 6

I wrote Sanskrit verses on these hambabalud wood bangles using wood burning pen. There is one square and one round bangle. I added color to one bangle and the other one polished with beeswax orange oil polish.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Handmade Mixed Media Clock

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 5

Handmade mixed-media clock using square wood panel and clock mechanism. I painted a couple of pots to which I added folk art style circular wood pieces with bird images. Finally, I added a small wood panel upon which I had woodburned June Kenyon's excellent advice to writers and artists (from A Hundred White Daffodils):

Be a good steward of your gifts. Protect your time. Feed your inner life. Avoid too much noise. Read good book, have good sentences in your ears. Be by yourself as often as you can. Walk. Take the phone off the hook. Work regular hours.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Santa Fe Folk Art Museum

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 3

Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum rightly boasts of the largest collection of folk art in the world. The museum is not huge but every inch of the museum space, from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor, back to back are covered with exhibits. The museum encourages photography but some of the exhibits are so huge and detailed that you have to take multiple photos from different directions to get the full picture. After a while, I was beginning to feel faint. I did manage to do some justice to the collection. Not all of them came out well but overall they provide good record of what was in there.

Folk art here are mostly collection of village scenes, some of them humongous, from countries around the world. The one above is a cockfight from Mexico. There are all kinds of charming details, like the donkey and its owner witnessing the cockfight from the back.

Below are a sample from India, Peru, Japan, a baptismal scene from Italy, bullfight from Spain, mariachi band from Mexico.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Peacock Pyrography Watercolor Art

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 2 of 365

For day 2 of my DSE project, I am posting another of my pyrographic watercolor art with my favorite bird, the peacock. Peacock is the national bird of India and it pops up a lot in many of the art and crafts I do. Below are the process shots:

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Pyrography Watercolor Art

Day 1 of 365

This is the first day of Do Something Everyday 365 challenge. The idea is to post something everyday on the blog. Post something means anything new I did that day, whether art, craft, photography, cooking, anything.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birds Galore!

I had this wallpaper swatch printed from Spoonflower using my own painting of red finch, a bird commonly found in India. 

I had no need for a wallpaper but I used it to cover the switch plates in the kitchen. My kitchen walls are off-white. So, these red birds offer a touch of whimsy that is pleasing.

Speaking of birds. With the advent of early spring, my backyard has been abuzz with activity, which I was able to capture rather happily with the new 300mm lens for my Nikon D7000. Take a look.

It started with this white breasted nuthatch scampering on this tree trunk. It snowed on that day.

This robin looked rather colorful against the snow.

It started with these two Canadian geese floating by serenely one mid-afternoon on the Hackensack river.

Then it turned into this catfight!

Some ferocious action in my backyard too. This pileated woodpecker looked like he was going to chop my tree down. I have to throw stones at him to drive him away.

Big birds are magnificent but it is the small birds that make me happy to see them. 

Here is dark-eyed junco. The light was good enough to capture its bright black eyes.

And its cousin, the common sparrow.

Female and male cardinals.

Finally, this tufted titmouse on a bare pear branch.

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