Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Chalk Art Inspired by PageFrights

 Halloween Chalk Art

This is the last of Halloween Chalk Art for this year (see others here). This one was inspired by Bio Diversity Heritage Library's Page Frights, a collaboration with Smithsonian Library where ghoulish images from old nature texts were published all this month for public use. This one of a great horned owl  silhouetted by the light of a full moon is spooky enough but not quiet astronomically correct for this year. As a matter of fact, Halloween is falling a day after the New Moon.

Yesterday was cold and rainy day here. But there was a lot of action in the backyard brought in by a flock of migrating starlings that dropped by for berries and water. The resident robins got all agitated and brought in their own flock from the neighborhood to stand guard over the honeysuckle tree. Here are a few pictures of the standoff.

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This little woodpecker decided to join in the fun!
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