Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simple Things

I created the two pieces shown above using a favorite technique of mine (layered printing) and a favorite material (corrugated board). The images  this, this and this came from my favorite website the Graphics Fairy. I have been wanting to use some old, yellowing tracing papers I have had for ages. Since tracing paper is thin, I used a regular printer paper as backing to help it pass through the printer. I used small pieces of masking tape to attach the tracing paper to the printing paper (see below)

For the first layer, I printed a handwriting image on the paper. I passed the same paper again to print the second image (woman) on top of the first layer. (Mind you, you can do this on PSE very easily, but, I wanted to do it the oldfashioned way.) The stencils were done with white gesso. I stitched the printed paper onto a piece of corrugated paper.  Because the paper is translucent, one can actually see the ridges of the board underneath the paper. I don't know what I will do with it--maybe use it as a cover for a coptic stitched journal.

See below for another take on the same technique.

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  1. I could NOT figure out how to print on tissue paper or tracing paper. duh - use tape. thank you!! I also love your use of corrugated cardboard.


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