Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cut Paper Art: Red Whiskered Bulbul

Do-Something-Everyday, May 19, 2016

Today I did a papercut out of a photo I took of a bird on a palm tree while travelling in Wayanad, Kerala. The bird is red whiskered bulbul, a bird common to Kerala. It  is not a particularly spectacular looking bird, but it cast a sweet silhouette against the morning mist shrouding the tree (see below).

What I made for Mother's Day

Instead of going out for lunch, I made kind of a gourmet lunch. First one is tomato-cumber yogurt salad; second is spicy (Indian) kidney beans; third is fried Indian bread. It was a very satisfying lunch.

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  1. Beautiful art! And what a gorgeous restaurant quality lunch!

  2. Love your bird! Your bulbul looks like a woodpecker? And the food looks great! Is your Indian fried bread Native American Indian or Eastern Indian? The food looks delicious. Sounds like a great Mother's Day! I am a new follower of your blog. Happy PPF! Have a wonderful week! Rasz

    1. Thank you. Bulbul is a songbird not a woodpecker. The bread is Eastern Indian.

  3. An interesting photo cut art. What a delicious lunch xx
    Happy weekend !

  4. Wow that is a meal and it all looks so good. I am so impressed with your cut paper art. Very nicely done.

  5. Your birdie is spectacular! And your food is making my mouth water. It must be close to dinner time.

  6. That cut paper is so intricate and amazing... wow impressive. Also love all that Indian food. I live in a very multi cultural city so we have a few Indian places really close by... we love the palak and naan bread so much. Sometimes Cupcake tries to recreate the food!So yummy! Thanks for sharing!


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