Friday, May 6, 2016

Altered Photography: Toddy Tapper

 Do-Something-Everyday, May 6, 2016

While traveling in Wayanad, back in January, I took a series of photos of a toddy trapper climbing a tall palm tree to retrieve the toddy bag. I was standing about 300 yards away and I used the landscape mode on my camera to photograph the action.  The photos captured the line of tall palm trees well but the climber became less of a focal point  amidst the cluster of trees. I wanted to highlight the climber. Here is how I did it.

I chose the photo where the climber had almost reached the top. I cropped the photo (see below) and printed it. Using brushes and watercolor paints, I highlighted the trees and the figure to bring them to the fore and to differentiate from the background. I brightened the clothes with additional layers of clothes which made the toddy trapper the center of attention.

Original Photo

Altered Photo

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