Friday, March 25, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Santa Fe Folk Art Museum

Do-Something-Everyday: Day 3

Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum rightly boasts of the largest collection of folk art in the world. The museum is not huge but every inch of the museum space, from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor, back to back are covered with exhibits. The museum encourages photography but some of the exhibits are so huge and detailed that you have to take multiple photos from different directions to get the full picture. After a while, I was beginning to feel faint. I did manage to do some justice to the collection. Not all of them came out well but overall they provide good record of what was in there.

Folk art here are mostly collection of village scenes, some of them humongous, from countries around the world. The one above is a cockfight from Mexico. There are all kinds of charming details, like the donkey and its owner witnessing the cockfight from the back.

Below are a sample from India, Peru, Japan, a baptismal scene from Italy, bullfight from Spain, mariachi band from Mexico.


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