Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birds Galore!

I had this wallpaper swatch printed from Spoonflower using my own painting of red finch, a bird commonly found in India. 

I had no need for a wallpaper but I used it to cover the switch plates in the kitchen. My kitchen walls are off-white. So, these red birds offer a touch of whimsy that is pleasing.

Speaking of birds. With the advent of early spring, my backyard has been abuzz with activity, which I was able to capture rather happily with the new 300mm lens for my Nikon D7000. Take a look.

It started with this white breasted nuthatch scampering on this tree trunk. It snowed on that day.

This robin looked rather colorful against the snow.

It started with these two Canadian geese floating by serenely one mid-afternoon on the Hackensack river.

Then it turned into this catfight!

Some ferocious action in my backyard too. This pileated woodpecker looked like he was going to chop my tree down. I have to throw stones at him to drive him away.

Big birds are magnificent but it is the small birds that make me happy to see them. 

Here is dark-eyed junco. The light was good enough to capture its bright black eyes.

And its cousin, the common sparrow.

Female and male cardinals.

Finally, this tufted titmouse on a bare pear branch.

Linked to Paint Party Friday. Many thanks to Eva and Kristin for hosting.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Spring!


  1. lovely switch plate and wonderful spring photos. Canada geese can be very aggressive they scare me a bit when too close especially in nesting season.

  2. How fun to make wall paper from your own art! It looks like it would brighten a room in a most delightful manner. Great photos too. I enjoyed them all.

  3. so charming!!! And I love the glorious bird pictures, thank you again for posting your photos!

  4. Love the bird cover for the switches, great idea, and the photos are fabulous. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow, love all the birds. I have lots of them in my garden as well.

  6. Your bird painting is lovely and the wallpaper stunning.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.
    Happy PPF xx

  7. very cool post and the lightswitch is awesome... as are the photos... that was quite a fight lol!

  8. That is such a brilliant idea!! And I love the photographs you have shared !!

  9. fab looking wallpaper Indira-and I love how you used it for that touch of color. I have all the same birds in my yard now too-outside of the geese which just fly overhead to different water areas. Great shots!

  10. The wallpaper is stunning against the white walls! Very nice.
    Love all the birds this time of year! They sure are busy, aren't they?
    Happy week to you!

  11. So pretty Indira! I love the photos, but especially the printed birds! I have never seen that type of bird before and I just love it. Happy PPF. xo

  12. I absolutely love the bird! So beautiful! I love all the birds in your post today. Birds are so beautiful. Happy PPF!

  13. Ohh I love how the light switch cover turned out. Lovely photos of all the birds too.

  14. Oh, my goodness! I LOVE what you did with your little red bird. Beautiful! Your artwork, as always is lovely. Happy PPF!


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