Sunday, March 4, 2012

Redefining our past to recreate our future

The cover of this journal was originally a bag. An embroidered sari that I bought at a handloom and handicraft exhibition two months ago came packaged in this bag. Made of spun polyester there was nothing remarkable about the bag except the words that were written on it: "Redefining our past to recreate our future" " Hast Karigar Society". "Hast Karigar Society" means "a community of artisans who make things with their hands". Thus a community of artisans are reaching back into past traditions of making things by hand for creating livelihood in the present. As an handmade artisan myself, the message touched me. After I had taken the sari out, I wanted to reuse the bag in some way with the text intact. Since the material was soft but strong, I remade it into a journal cover. 

I used the entire material of the bag into two layers with the top layer consisting of the text. I embellished the cover with wood beads in several places. The journal has three signatures for a total of 120 pages (counting both sides). It closes with a detachable cord. The journal measures 6 1/2" by 9 1/2".

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