Saturday, December 3, 2011

Transit of Sidereal Saturn

Those who follow Hindu (sidereal) astrology may be aware that on November 15, 2011, Saturn transited from Virgo (Kanya) to Libra (Tula). Saturn is exalted in Libra at 20 deg, so, it is now in a position of strength. From this exalted placement, Saturn casts aspects on Sagittarius, Aries and Cancer. Interestingly, with Jupiter currently transiting Aries, Saturn and Jupiter are in mutual aspect and, Aries, Libra and Sagittarius are also under the double transit impact of Saturn and Jupiter. As I have written elsewhere, the significations of the house or the sign that is activated by the double transit of the two slowest moving planets will come to fruition, especially, if one is currently running the dasha (planetary period) of Saturn or dasha of the lord of any of these signs (Mars for Aries, Venus for Libra or Jupiter for Sagittarius). As Mr. K.N. Rao has convincingly shown, Jupiter is the giver, but without Saturn's approval, Jupiter's gift will not take effect. It may seem counter-intuitive that a malefic planet known for obstruction is needed to have good things happen, but, that is the way it is! You can verify it in your own chart the transit positions of Jupiter and Saturn for any significant event in your life, marriage, birth of a child, job etc. (On the day my daughter was born, I was running the dasha (main period) of the planet in the 5th house and antar-dasha (sub-period) of 5th lord and, transiting Jupiter and Saturn were both aspecting the 5th lord and the 5th house. )

Here are some astrological facts about Saturn:

Name in Sanskrit: Shani
Signs: Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius)
Day of the week: Sanivara (Saturday )
Direction: West
Season: Shishira (second half of winter)
Nature: malefic, tamasic
Kaalapurusha rulership: Miseries
Gender: Neuter
Son of : Surya and Chhaya (shadow) 
Exalted: Libra 20 deg; moola trikona: Aquarius 0 deg-20 deg
Directional strength: 7th house
Natural friends: Mercury, Venus
Represents: longevity, old age, death, renunciation
Represents (physical): limbs, feet, cemetery
Nakshatra (lunar mansion):  Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada
Dasa length: 19 years
Favorable in houses: 6
Aspects:  3, 7 and 10 house from itself
Yogas: Shasha yoga, when Saturn in exaltation or in its own sign is in a kendra (quadrant)

Navagraha Kirtana: divAkaratanujaM shanaishcaraM
Temples: Tirunallar temple, Karaikkal, Tamilnadu.

Mantra to chant: Om Saniswaryayai Namah
Kolam for Shani: You will find it on my blog here

Note: Saturn image source: Wikipedia Commons

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