Friday, December 25, 2009

Transit of Sidereal Jupiter


Along with the winter solstice another important celestial event took place on Dec 20, 2009. This was the transit of Jupiter from its sign of debilitation Capricorn to Aquarius. Transit of slow moving planets are always significant and their effects are also felt quite deeply. In the case of Jupiter, it spent most of the twelve months in Capricorn in the company of Rahu (North node). In Indian astrology this combination is called Guru-Chandala yoga and is not viewed favorably. Jupiter is the planet of dharma whereas Rahu is a non-traditional planet. Generally, Rahu's influence on Jupiter is said to indicate deviant behavior or thinking.

For those of us who have been feeling the weight of Jupiter's debilitation and its conjunction with Rahu, its passage to Aquarius is likley to offer much relief. Aquarius is the positive sign of Saturn and Jupiter's transit in this sign brings out the humanitarian impulses present in our selves. Serious practitioners of Hindu astrology will also notice that with Saturn in Virgo, the double of transit of Jupiter and Saturn now falls on Gemini, a Mercury sign. Ketu, the South node, is also transiting Gemini. Depending on which house Gemini falls in one's chart, that house may become active during this triple transit. Of course, all transit interpretations should take into account the natal chart placements as well as the dasha sequence.

Similar to western astrology, Jupiter is regarded as a great benefic in Vedic astrology. Referred to as Guru (spiritual guide or teacher), it is described in classical texts as having a big belly and a fat body, pale eyes, virtuous nature, knowledge of scriptures and sciences, bright yellow complexion, Sattvic (higher nature), sharp intelligence, keenness in religious pursuits and yello colored dress.. Jupiter is the lord of Saggitarius ( the 9th house of dharma) and Pisces (the 12th house of spirituality) and has directional strength in the first house. In vedic astrology it is the significator of five houses: 2 (personal finances), 5 (creativity including children), 9 (knowledge, education), 10 (career) and 11 (income from employment). Here is a brief summary of Jupiter's planetary qualities and significations:

Jupiter symbolizes: Growth, kindness, spirituality, optimism, generosity, wisdom, idealism, friendliness
Day of the Week: Thursday
Position in planetary cabinet: teacher, mentor, advisor
Relationships: children
Colors of Jupiter: Clear, bright and transparent shades of yellow, orange, and gold
Metals for Jupiter: Gold
Gems for Jupiter: Topaz, citrine
Its natural planetary friends: Jupiter is hostile to no planet though its natural friends are Sun, Moon and Mars.

As is my wont, to commemorate Jupiter's transit I created this jewelry piece in golden swarovski crystals and pearls.

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  1. Awesome Blog & really beautiful jewelry! Now I just have to sell some of my stuff so I can buy some of yours :P


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