Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Pageful of Craftgawker Submissions

May be I have a future in product photography! I now have a full page of photos in Craftgawker. Here is the link to my photo gallery Dharmakarmaarts Gallery. As you know, Craftgawker is a highly curated craft photography site and it is a challenge to take photos that are CG worthy. I take a lot of photos of my art ad craft items and whenever I find something that looks good I submit to Craftgawker. It is always a thrill when my photos get accepted. As of yesterday, I have a full page of accepted submisisons. Hopefully, the streak will continue.


  1. It is always my goal to take really awesome photos. One because people like to see well lit, & well photographed examples & two I really want to bring up my blog's professional look. But sometimes it is so hard to do it!

    Congrats to you, those pictures look great!

  2. Grats! A well deserved honor.


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