Friday, October 29, 2010

Natural and Energy Giving (2)

In my last post, I wrote about the energy giving properties of copper and turquoise. Through many ages copper was considered the common person's metal. Richer folks opted for silver which, though having the same properties of copper, was considered a precious metal (along with gold) and therefore pricier.

Silver is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and therefore an excellent conduit for the energies of the gemstones with which it is paired. In and of itself, silver has long been regarded as having beneficial healing and anti-microbial properties.

Sometimes, good things come in small packages. The pair of earrings pictured above  is one of them. Turquoise beads, African "opal" stones, copper beads and brushed sterling silver rondelles are strung on a copper head pin and hang from a sterling silver ear wire. All the components of this pair of earrings are made of naturally occurring materials.

You wil find these earrings in my Etsy and Artfire stores.

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