Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do-Something-Everyday: Midori Style Felted Cover Journals

Do-Something-Everyday: April 7, 2016

Midori  is a Japanese style journal cover that is entirely removeable.  I made a whole travel journal kit with the removeable as the starting point. There are several combinations of colors and patterns and all of them are available in my Etsy shop

This Midori travel journal kit consists of six items:

1. Midori  style wool felt cover (stabilized with interfacing) with elastic insert and closure, 8"x6" (photo 2). You have a choice of four colors: grey, red, green and beige. Both the larger journal and the folio together fit easily into the cover (Photo 3)

2. Handmade folio/folder to keep all of the items (4-6) below together. The folio is made from 100% handmade paper with lovely leaf impressions. 5.5" by 6.5". (Photos 1 & 3).

3. One 7"x6" hand stitched notebook with 120 pages counting both sides (photo 4). The journal which fits the felt cover is removable. (photo 3)

4. Two hand sewn jotters. 4.5" by 6"; single signature of approx. 40 pages counting both sides; A collection of these journals are in photo 3. The journals will be randomly selected from this collection but I will make them match in color to the folio (Photo 4)

5. Two Post cards: (1) illustrated with David Sibley's backyard birds; (2) Prints from my Indian travels photos. See photo 5. Both cards will be randomly selected from this collection.

6. Matching tiny matchbook, 2.5" by 2"; 20 hand cut and hand assembled pages. Stapled. Kraft envelope lined with a page from old atlas; 5.75" by 4.25"

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