Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Break


Growing up, summer break was a period of guilt-free recreational reading that was totally unconnected to studies. Summer break was when your parents could not yell at you for wasting time  reading comics or Mills and Boon or Agatha Christie. By the time my daughter was born it was accepted that any reading was good for the young minds. My daughter was a voracious reader. She would read the labels on the cereal box as avidly as a novel by Edith Wharton. For her too, summer break meant that she can read without breaking for homework. 

The pyrographic art on the cover of this wooden book box evokes those happy memories of long forgotten days. Using my signature motifs, most of the art was wood burned. Only the elephant and the bird were painted. The style of this painting is Indian folk art. 

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  1. ah the world og books; yet i dont read half as much as when i was a child, i caught in the throes of new technology

    much love...

  2. The art on this piece is lovely,.

  3. Gorgeous. My wood burning ability is so poor that I love seeing what people with talent can do. The colors really pop off the less colorful background which makes those images stronger.

  4. wow- I am so impressed with your wood burning skills! that surely must take a steady hand along with the artistic talent. Happy PPF!

  5. Love this! Your wood burning skills are amazing and I really like the little touch of color. My sister used to read the dictionary just so she could be reading. Reading is one of my best summer activities that I over indulge in!!!

  6. This is a sweet piece! A box to treasure.

  7. This is so beautiful, Indira, here in Sweden and Finland burnt wood images are common too. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

    Love and hugs

  8. A wonderful traditional tribute to your favourite summer activity of reading! It is amazing all of the details in tree that you accomplished by wood burning.


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