Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fearless in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Bangladesh was the place to explore in the Virtual Paintout challenge two months ago. I missed the challenge at that time but there were so many visually engaging sights there I had to do a painting even if it was past the deadline. This image of a little girl riding on the back of a cycle rickshaw packed with water cans at Airport Road, Chittagong caught my eye. There is barely any standing room but the girl is tiny enough to squeeze in and hang on to one of the ropes holding the cans in place. Only a child with no sense of fear could do it.The road had only light traffic with mostly bicycles and cycle rickshaws. So the girl was quite safe that way. But what was interesting was to see a girl in such bold position when there were so few girls visible in public.

It took me several tries before I got the proportions of the girl right to the stack of cans and the father driving the cycle rickshaw. I made the colors of the salwar-kameez brighter. I am not totally satisfied with the overall picture but will do for the present.

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Submitted for paintpartyfriday


  1. I like the composition of the picture and the colours compliment each other.

  2. Sweet! This is definitely a moment that needed to be captured through art. Happy PPF! #40

  3. Such a lovely everyday scene and you've made it special. Happy PPF!


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