Sunday, April 26, 2015

Virtual Paintout: Bhutan

Border Crossings (watercolor)

This month at the Virtual Paintout we travel to Bhutan, the Himalayan mountain kingdom which along with its Buddhist monasteries is also now known as the "land of happiness". Initially, I hovered over Thimphu, among the monks, lamaseries and the prayer flags. Bored I wandered around other lines of Bhutanese street view and landed on Samdrup Jhonkar on the Bhutan-Indian border. Despite the bucolic surroundings, it looked lively with lots of foot and vehicular traffic. These two Indian ladies walking with umbrellas open to protect against the sun near the border checkpoint caught my attention. Not sure if they are coming or going or whether they have come to shop or to sell.

I am also submitting this for Paint Party Friday.

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  1. Love your piece. To me these places you go to are so exotic. That adds a little mystery to the painting.


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