Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY: Repurposed Tin into Handmade Clock

I am a big tea drinker. I make my tea the Indian way, which is to brew loose tea in boiling water and adding milk and sugar to the filtered brew. Occasionally, the tea comes packaged in a nice tin canister. After the tea is all used up, I keep the empty containers hoping to reuse them. Here, I have re-purposed one into a desktop clock as well as a storage container. It is quite easy to do. I got the clock unit from a local craft store. I drilled a hole into the box and attached the watch unit. I wanted to keep the logo and the product information. But, one can alter it with alcohol ink which might be quite lovely. I might try it on the next one.
It will also make a nice gift for a tea lover.

You will need:

1. An empty tin canister, at least 6" tall (you can pick one from a flea market)
2. A clock unit (available in any craft store)
3. Alcohol inks (optional)
4. Electric drill and bits


1. Choose a proper bit to drill a hole big enough for the clock unit to insert. Drill the hole from outside of the tin. Drill only on side.
2. Insert the base unit from the inside through the drilled hole. Before inserting the base, fit it in with the battery.
3. Assemble the clock face and the hands.

You are done!. If you choose, you can alter the tin with alcohol inks and make it pretty.

Here is another of my DIY wall clock.

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