Friday, February 8, 2013

Virtual Paintout: Valparaiso, Chile

This month we visit Valparaiso, Chile at the Virtual Paintout. Valparaiso is a historic city and is also one of  UNESCO Heritage sites. But, as I was taking a virtual tour of the city, I was beginning to think that it might as well be called the graffiti capital of the world. I found spectacular street art everywhere and the city seemed like a living museum. Take a look here, here and here.
So, I decided to capture one of the street arts as a painting for my submission. I found this on the gate of a regular home on a well maintained street. I found the sneering asymmetrical face intriguing (or is it a beaten up face?) and wondered why someone would choose to have it painted outside their home. On the same street down a couple of homes, there was another set of flamboyant drawings. Provided I get vegetarian food to eat, I would definitely like to visit Valparaiso, Chile.

Thanks for visiting.

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