Sunday, December 23, 2012

Penguin Book Cover Postcards

I have a special fondness for Penguin books. Back growing up in India, all our English language books, whether literature or history or fiction, were published by Penguin. Their appeal was that they were inexpensive, easily available, and their compact size made them storable and portable. So, when I found out that Penguin had come with a collection of its book covers as postcards, I quickly hopped over to Amazon to get them. The hundred cards came packaged in a nice box. Of course, in a fairly large collection like this, there are bound to be some duds and not all of one's favorite books are likely to be included. I was a tad disappointed that there were four cards from the Perry Mason collection while only one from Agatha Christie and none from Sherlock Holmes. But, I was very pleased that some of the covers such as Oscar Wilde's Plays and P.G. Woodhouse's My Man Jeeves, were actually the editions that I had read. Here is a sample!

Nice Graphics!

A card was sent along with a journal purchase from my shop

From my father-in-law's collection

My Books

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