Friday, November 16, 2012

Virtual Paintout: New Brunswick

We visit New Brunswick, Canada for our Virtual Paintout project. Rural and thinly populated, it reminded me of Maine. With so many river systems and surrounded by the sea on three sides, one cannot but notice the amount of water on its topography. The bridges straddling the rivers are also very striking. There was plenty to paint and I chose New Brunswick 134 as my subject for this month's challenge.

Watercolor on Arches 140lb rough, 6.5" by 5".

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this on your blog, I saw it on your FB feed and was going to ask if you painted this!! I love watercolor, bought a small traveling Windsor & Newton kit a few months back and have played with it twice. Lessons many years ago, and another item on my long art bucket list. This is gorgeous, Indira!

  2. Thanks, Pat. I have no training in watercolor either (no training in drawing or painting) but I love watercolor painting and I do these challenges to improve my skill. I am self-taught and often there is a hit or miss quality to what I do. I use mainly Cotman colors (the cheaper line of Windsor and Newton) but there are some amazing top quality but expensive lines out there (e.g., Daniel Smith).


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