Sunday, June 10, 2012

Petit Wood CoverJournals

This week's fun project is these little journals made with wood boards. I bought the wood boards from Michaels (they are available in the unfinished wood section and cost 29 cents each). I stained them first and did image transfer using Modge Podge. I got the images from the wonderful The Graphics Fairy .
I used several images from there.

I have described here how I did the Modge-Podge transfer. I have some additional do's and dont's: (1) use a laser print or a photo copy. Inkjet copies will smear, (2) Bold and large images and words (CAFE ) transfer better than images with lot of tiny and delicate details (Poems of Love), (3) Minimize the white halo effect by using a thin layer of glue.  Image transfer using glue is a tricky process, but when it works it is really lovely.

I finished the CAFE journal using coptic binding and the Poems of Love was completed using the accordian format.

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