Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Mandala for the Earth

The theme for this week's I am the Diva: Certified Zentangle Teacher is
Earth Day also called Amanda Day by Laura's son Chewie :). I thought I would do my tangle art with minimum of foot print, using impermanent organic materials. I was not breaking any new ground, just borrowing from the Tamil practice of kolam drawing. I did not have the materials that are typically used in Tamilnadu. So, I improvised. I drew the mandala using  rice flour, turmeric and pink vermilion (kumkum) powder on a bamboo cutting board. Because the powders I used were finely ground and smooth (unlike those used in typical kolam drawing), they did not lend to smooth and intricate line drawing. But, I was not aiming for perfection. After it was completed, I gathered the powders and mingled them with the mud in the backyard.

I washed the bamboo board and put it away.

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  1. The earth would be nothing without the sun. This tile is so indicitive of the sun, in color and design. I love it!

  2. By the way.....what a great idea using powders to produce such beauty!

  3. what a great idea! i love it! and your zendala is really pretty :)

  4. Very creative! I am from India and I too love drawing kolam (pulli kolam in particular) which I feel give the same meditative feel of drawing zentangles.

    About a year and half back I got an opportunity to draw a large pulli-kolam as a mural-art on the walls of my cousin's new house and you can see it at the link below.

    I'm sure it will bring back fond memories of Tamil nadu & your childhood.



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