Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shisha (Mirror) Embroidery

Wallhanging with applique and mirror work (personal collection)
One of the most distinctive features of Indian embroidery is the shisha (mirror) technique. It is a technique in which a small, flat and round piece of mirror is encased on a fabric using a series of chain stitches. This extremely popular technique is used on all fabrics and all types of clothing (sari, tunic), accessories (bags), linen (pillow covers, bed covers) and so on. The trick to this techniques the tightly woven chain stitches that keep the mirror from slipping out of the casing. It is really quite easy and a fun technique and pieces of mirror strategically placed can enliven a piece of embroidery very beautifully (like in the picture above). Below are few more examples of this mirror work:

Gujarati Bedcover (personal collection)

Yarn wrapped box with mirror work on the cover (my Etsy)

A cool bag for my ipad (personal collection)

Mixed media canvas art with mirrorwork (my Etsy)

Sling bag (personal collection)
If you are interested in learning this technique, here is a link to a very clear and detailed tutorial.

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