Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love Geography

I am not usually inclined to use French themed objects in my work. But I love geography. As a child, I took great pride in being able to identify the states and the countries on the map and knowing the names of all the capital cities. So, when I saw this fabulous vintage Paris map on the Graphics Fairy, I had to use it and what better surface than that of a box? Of course, Paris and Eiffel Tower (Graphics Fairy) go hand in hand. Just by looking at it I am transported to Paris of the old. It is shabby chic at its most elegant.

Available at my Etsy shop.

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P.S. I created this box almost two weeks ago. I just found out that the person who provided the Eiffel tower image to Graphics Fairy passed away recently. Your generosity lives in multiple forms. Thanks.


  1. Gorgeous chest of drawers, Love what you've done with it.

  2. What a cool little piece. You are giving me ideas for a chest that I have got to do over. It has not told me what it wants to be yet! Do your projects speak to you too?

  3. Thank you. Yes, sometimes. Something I see tells me immediately where it should go.

  4. wow absolutely amazing .. love it ... so much beautiful detail .. hugz x

  5. Hi Indira,
    Thank you so much for linking this up! It is amazing. And yes, Karen's friend's generosity lives on, indeed...I have used his images and I am already reminded how kind that was of him.

    I LOVE your project!! It is amazing!


  6. Hello Indira,
    This is my first time visiting your blog.
    The chest you created is soooooo very lovely. I hope to go to Paris one day.
    I did not know the story of the gentlemen who gave the image of the Eiffel Tower. Bless him indeed for his generosity, and bless you for sharing the story..
    I am having a give away on Sunday For the tag I made.
    I love geography, also and English.
    I will visit your etsy shop.
    have a sugar sweet day
    Simply Debbie

  7. What a gorgeous chest of drawers!! So beautiful!

  8. Stopping by from Cindy's Oh La La Link Party. Fantastic piece!


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