Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gendered Flower Business

In Tamilnadu, flowers are ubiquitous and, an integral part of Tamilians' daily life. Girls and women wear them on their braided hair to school and to work. Images of gods at the temples and in the home shrines are adorned with flowers. Marriages are solemnized with the exhange of flower garlands between the bride and the bridegroom. Very important persons, whether politicians or movie stars, are welcomed with a garland on their neck and a shawl around their shoulders.

Tamilnadu, like rest of India, is also a place of sharp contrasts. These quotidian juxtapositions sometimes hide in plain sight. Till the camera accidentally captures them. Take a look at the pictures below. Do you see what I see?


  1. This is so beautiful! Makes me miss india even more!

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    I think flower business is such a nice idea. :)



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