Saturday, April 2, 2011

The rice I cook for my family comes packaged in neat gunny* sacks (burlap in Amer. Engl). After the rice is finished, I try to find new uses for the empty bags. Over the years, I have repurposed them into memo boards, computer bags and little coasters. The above one is the latest reincarnation of the trusty gunny bag into a journal cover. I embellished the cover with a 4x3" piece of cured chalkboard cloth on which you can actually write with a chalk. The felt liner is made out of repurposed plastic bottles. The notebook closes with a cotton cord that I dyed using tea and coffee solutions. I machined stitched around the edges to prevent fraying. I thoroughly enjoy making them and they are available for sale at my Etsy shop

This is a perfect a gift to someone who  keeps journals and likes all things green.

* The British English word "gunny sack" etymologically comes from the Indian word "goni".


  1. Oh man! I want that notebook. I think the handle would be very practical-- I'm always dropping my notebooks, and having to carry an entire bag just to hold them. So much cooler to have the notebook BE the bag!

  2. What a great way to repurpose the sack! I love the look of burlap.

  3. that's a really cute cover! And a great use at recycling! {:-D

  4. I love your repurpossing the Basmati Rice bags. I take it you eat a lot of Basmati Rice. : )
    Tne notebook is wonderful, and I love the handle, even if it's not usable. It looks good.

  5. Adorable, Indira! What a great idea to repurpose such a neat "gunny"!


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