Saturday, September 25, 2010

Illustration Friday: Old-fashioned

This is my submission for Illustration Friday Challenge "Old-Fashioned". Writing in cursive using a fountain pen? Now, that's truly old-fashioned!


  1. Hi Indira,
    Well I'll tell you IF your idea sounds very good.
    It's funny to me. Because I had not realized that such pens and this way of writing can be, old-fashioned.
    (Maybe because I used them for a long time, and I do not want to admit it, haha).
    well, I like your IF.
    I send you a kiss.

  2. I love writing by hand using a good fountain pen. That is how I did for a long time. Today, most people do not write in cursive and fountain pens are really hard to come by in the U.S. Everybody uses some kind of ball pen.


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